“Writing books is the easy part, but we have to thank you for getting  us through all the TV-NBC, CNN, CNBC and PBS. We appreciate the public  speaking help you gave us for our book tours. We don’t think we could  have made it through all the appearances without your help.”
Gail Liberman and Alan Lavine
Syndicated finance columnists and authors

“I want to personally thank you for the help, coaching and patience  that you showed me as I climbed the ladder from secretary of the PGA of  America to President. You played a large part in my successful campaign.  Not only did you help me with my presentations, both delivery and  writing, but you taught me the necessary skills to communicate my  thoughts in a more persuasive manner. I would like to thank you for  helping me achieve my dream.”
Your friend,
Jack Connelly
Past President of PGA of America

“Thank you very much for your patience and understanding in working  with me to correct my accent and language deficits. The improvement is  very evident to me even though I know I have a long way to go.”
Regina Denecke
Medical Scrub Tech

“Just came from my daughter’s orthodontist,  She is  very happy with the results of myofunctional therapy. Danielle says you  are the best. I intend to bring my son to you to correct his speech  problem. Thanks for all you have done for my daughter. Thanks, also, for  understanding my erratic pilot’s schedule.”
Ken Gilmore
Captain, American Airlines

“My work with Linda began 15 years ago when she was my personal coach  for voice, accent reduction and presentation skills. With her help, I  was able to effectively communicate in small and large public forums  during my many travels in and outside the United States. I subsequently  contracted with Speech Communication Associates as a consultant for  Jabil Global Services. Linda has served as mentor and coach for my  domestic and international sales team and executive level staff. Her  compassionate nature brings out the best in even the most reluctant  public speaker. I have seen marked improvement in the presentation style  of my senior staff members. Many of them are now regarded as polished  and confident speakers. I highly recommend Linda Kushner for any speech  communication requirement.”
Hartmut Liebel
Former President, Jabil Global Services
President and CEO, iQor

“We are so pleased with Jack’s therapy results. His speech and tongue  thrust issues have been resolved. Thanks for your time and patience  with our younger son who is now in therapy for the same issues. Gay, as a  practicing pediatrician, is especially pleased.”
Drs. David and Gay Nunle